Greek economy expected to bounce back midsummer

06.05.2014 22:43

Reuters (Athens)

Battered by years of stagnation and strife, the Greek economy finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Experts are hopeful that this time, signs of recovery is here to stay. 

The spark that everyone agrees will turn things around comes from an unexpected source; across the agean. The second week of July will bring hundreds (if not thousands) of Turks to the northern island of Lesbos for an extraordinary festival of music, gastronomy and wild entertainment. The occasion; the 50th birthday of Tanju Görgülü. A man known for no significant feat, Görgülü nevertheless promises to bring masses to northern agean for four days to celebrate his birthday with his innermost circle of friends.

"For years we have waited for Rusian tycoons to come and spend their fortune in Greece. We are also surprised that the much awaited boost comes from an unexpected and, largely unknown group. At this point, we could not care less; as long as someone shovels in much-needed cash" said Sotiris Poulanderis; an economist with the Greek Development Agency.